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Fraction Magazine will be working with Center, in an effort to expose the winners of their competitions to the Fraction audience as well as the photo world.

Center is a nonprofit youporn organization, founded in 1994, whose mission is to support, promote, and provide opportunity to gifted and committed photographers.

It is the aim of Center to help photographers identify their creative goals and accomplish them through feedback, support, and encouragement. Their annual programs include the Project Competition award, the Choice Awards, the Santa Fe Prize, redtube Excellence in Teaching Award, Review LA, Review Santa Fe and the Center website. Public exhibitions and Portfolio Viewings are often associated with the awards and portfolio reviews.

The Strategic Aims of Center:
• Produce high quality programming
• Increase audiences, participants, and members
• Work in partnerships to xxx better serve constituencies and increase capacity
• Identify and implement Center’s models of best practice
• Ensure the sustainability and longevity of the organization

“Center is based on a very simple premise: We believe in photography’s power to change the world. The programs are designed xvideos to help photographers get their work seen by the people who can help them achieve maximum impact. Since the founding of Center fifteen years ago, we have been providing cutting-edge programming to help photographers bring their work to a larger audience.” — Laura Pressley, Executive Director

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